We make our celebrities look “sooo” good

We are there from the moment the guests arrive by limo, or otherwise, to the minute they accept their awards. For any big event the lights are on everybody, and especially on the stars of the show. Sodium AV understand that lighting is critical and make everybody feel special.

Celebrity Under Light


Some tricks that Lighting Designers utilise that we can take advantage of at your next event include:

  • Positioning overhead lights at a 45-degree down angle. This keeps unwanted shadows or from occurring while keeping the presenter from feeling that lights are shining directly in their eyes.
  • Backlighting is important. Proper backlighting keeps the presenter from disappearing into the stage backdrop by highlighting their profile and hairline.
  • Using LED up lighting instruments along any  runway and hall add a dramatic touch in highlighting everybody so everybody is in beautiful and is wearing beautiful gowns
  • Follow spotlighting illuminate the winners’ journey from the audience to the stage,. This allows the audience to experience the joy and amazement each winner feels every step of the way.
  • Intelligent moving lights can project different colors, patterns and effects create dynamic excitement and energy for those magic moments.
  • Clothing selection is important for anyone onstage. Presenters and recipients are urged to wear vibrant colors that will “stand put” with professional lighting.

Professionally produced lighting illuminates the biggest stars, their wardrobe and timeless moments.

Sodium AV

Sodium AV are your Technical Production specialists. We work with you to plan your event and to make it special. We offer the full suite of event and conference technical management services, creative conceptualisation and audio visual solutions for your important event. We specialise in:

  • Event Production Sydney
  • Event Production Melbourne
  • Conference AV Sydney
  • Conference AV Melbourne
  • Associations Event Production
  • Exhibition AV Production

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