For some, dealing with an AV supplier is painful… and for a selected few, it is a delight. Now everybody would want their event to be excellent, but it takes more than just knowing how much you are going to spend on the event to make it a reality.

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If you have organized enough events, you already know that Audio Visual is an important part of your conference. But how to do it? Follow below to have some researched tips on how you can get a better experience from your conference AV supplier. Let’s start!

1. Tell Them Your Budget

Alright. We know many conference planners don’t feel right to disclose their budgets because they think that if the AV supplier get to know the budget, they will use the whole budget even when it’s not needed. This assumption is, of course, wrong. For us, not knowing the budget is like driving a car without a clue on how much fuel is left. So, disclosing your budget actually help us provide you with maximum service (according to your priorities) within the limit of your budget.

2. Creativity Is Important

Would you like your event to be just another dull and boring conference? Of course, not. How can you avoid this then? You can plan a unique event by selecting an AV supplier who not only know the basic AV technicalities, but is also creative – an event production company that can take your vision and then amplify it with its creativity to pull off a conference that has a lasting effect on the audience.

3. And Sound Is Important in Its Own Right

It’s a basic thing, but we have seen that many events get this wrong as the sound is always too less for some or too loud. It is annoying to say the least. Now it doesn’t relate to what kind of input there is at any instance like it’s a speech or a musical performance or anything else, the sound should be sent uniformly to the audience regardless of their position in the hall or room. Talk with your event production service provider about that and make sure the sound is carefully (or as we like to say, skillfully) managed during the event.

4. Use The Same AV Team for Multiple Events

We don’t mean that you should use the same AV team even if you had a terrible experience with them last time. What we really want to say is that find a good team and then stick with it. What happens with this is that team will start knowing you, and hence your needs, better. This will help them provide you a personalized service because now they understand you. Conclusively, planning a perfect conference AV is difficult but not too hard. It can be done. Know that most AV suppliers only need a motivated client with a vision, and then they mix it with their passion, creativity, and professionalism to create a memorable event.

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