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Choose Sodium AV for Your Event Audio Visual Services in Sydney

What if we told you that you could save 20 percent on your audio visual services in Sydney? For most event planners, this kind of offer sounds too good to be true. Working with AV suppliers to arrange audio and video solutions for conferences or other events is time-consuming work that results in hefty invoices. At Sodium AV, we have the key to cutting down your spend.

What You Can Expect from Sodium AV Regarding Sydney Audio Visual Equipment

What could you expect if you hired Sodium AV as your source for Sydney audio visual equipment? Here are a few of the things we do on behalf of our clients:

  • Coordination with your venue: The big area where we slash AV hire costs is by coordinating with your event venue. Some event planners don’t realise how much AV equipment their venues already have on-site. Others are reluctant to rely on venues, in case the equipment doesn’t work or is not as described. We take steps to learn about the equipment your venue has and to verify it will work for your purposes. From there, we build an AV hire package that fills in the other items you need.
  • Relationships with suppliers: Sodium AV has existing relationships with numerous Sydney AV suppliers. These connections enable us to offer you a variety of different products and prices for your AV equipment. If you have unique needs, we can use our supplier network to find the niche piece of equipment necessary to meet them. If you have a tight event budget, shopping around at different suppliers helps us get you the most affordable package.
  • Understanding in your event: What sets us apart from other companies that do AV in Sydney is that we are also event planners. If you need, we can assist you in plotting and producing your conference. If not, you can still trust that we understand the dynamics of these events and what is necessary to make sure they go off without a hitch.

Why a Customer Should Use Sodium AV

So why should you use Sodium AV? Some of our biggest selling points include:

  • Our dedication to saving you money: In 2018, we managed over 50 events and saved our clients up to 20 percent on their audio visual spend. We can do the same for you.
  • Our reach: We don’t just serve one city or even one metropolitan area. On the contrary, our services are available up and down the east coast of Australia, from Brisbane to Melbourne.
  • Our versatility: We also don’t just do one type of event. Some of our clients are planning massive conferences that draw industry folk from all corners of Australia. Others are putting together mid-sized fundraisers or gala dinners. Others are doing relatively small events like film screenings. Whatever the event, consider us your AV suppliers in Sydney.

What Customers Stand to Lose If They Don’t Use Sodium AV

Good audio visual production is a must for any event. Not only do guests expect good AV, but it is also usually central to the event in some way—from keynote speeches to presentations of awards, all the way to film video and audio. With Sodium AV, you are guaranteed high-quality audio and video at lower prices. To learn more about our audio visual services in Sydney, contact us today.

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