Audio Visual Hire in Sydney

Sodium AV: An Easier Option for Audio Visual Hire in Sydney

Are you planning a conference or event that requires audio visual hire in Sydney? If so, Sodium AV can help. We know how frustrating it can be to put together a workable audio visual equipment package for events. We do the legwork, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event.

Related Services We Provide to AV Equipment Hire in Sydney

Most people assume that audio visual hire is all about equipment. While AV equipment hire in Sydney is part of what we do at Sodium AV, it’s only part of the equation. Our services also include:

  • Working with your venue: In most cases, conference or event venues have some audio visual capabilities already available on-site. The trouble is that there isn’t much consistency in the types of AV equipment that venues already have. We facilitate communications with your venue to figure out what they do or do not have in terms of equipment.
  • Filling in the gaps: Once we know what the venue already has, we can put together a package for audio visual equipment rental in Sydney that fills in the gaps. Between the equipment at the venue and the equipment we bring to the table, we make sure you have everything you need at your event site.
  • Conference planning: We aren’t just an audio visual company. While AV is our bread and butter, we also help clients plan and execute their conferences overall, from sponsorship procurement to program development and presenter registration. We can even produce screen content for you, using our skills for high-quality video production.

Why Trust Sodium AV Regarding Audio Visual Hire in Sydney

When it comes to Sydney audio visual hire, Sodium AV is not the only company. However, we do believe that we are doing things in this space that our competitors are not. Here are a couple of reasons to trust us specifically:

  • We cover all bases: Especially if you are new to the conference or event planning game, it’s easy to assume that event venues have all the audio visual equipment you need. This assumption can lead to some unwelcome surprises on the day of your event, leaving you to make do with sometimes insufficient systems. Sodium AV makes sure all bases are covered well ahead of time, to avoid problems on the day of the event.
  • We care about saving you money: If you’ve been burned by relying on the venue for AV equipment in the past, your habit might be to arrange AV hire in Sydney for all the equipment you need, without even bothering to coordinate with the venue. While it can be nice for all your equipment to come from one source, the fact is that this strategy is inefficient and will lead to unnecessary expenses. Sodium AV balances your AV needs between venue systems and rentals, for more affordable and efficient use of your event budget.

Why Sodium AV Is Cost Effective

As you can see, Sodium AV is dedicated to helping our clients save money. By coordinating with your venue, we help you get more out of your budget, without losing time on back-and-forth conversations about equipment availability. To learn more about how we can help you with your audio visual hire in Sydney, contact us today.

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