8 Considerations when choosing Event Technical Producer

Choosing a business to plan your event should be a simple process. Follow these steps to ensure you choose the most appropriate Technical Production for your event.

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  1. Find a Local AV Provider
    Work out where your event is. Ensure your event Technical Producer has local knowledge. If you are after Event Production Sydney or Event Production Melbourne then ensure your event manager has experience in your area.

  2. Determine the Size of the Business you want to work with
    Ensure you are working with an event technical producer who can scale to your event. In the industry there are a lot of Event Production Companies that arejust 1 person run out of their bed room. Make sure your Event technical producer has the experience with big events, has an office and can create the event you want. Go see them at their office.

  3. Work out your objective.
    Determine why you want to hold an event and then go from there. If you start with a budget and then go backwards you may not keep everybody happy. Good technical event producers are not just out to make money from the one event, they want repeat events and the best way to do that is through making sure the event is a success.

  4. Explain clearly what you are and who you are after
    Explain clearly who to please. For example if you are an Association after a specialised Associations Event Production then clearly state that and find somebody who specialises in Associations Events.

  5. Build a rapport with your technical producer
    Sit down with your technical producer and see if you feel comfortable with them as a person.If you like them and their professionalism then that is a good feeling to stick to.

  6. Keep it creatives
    Think about how you want your event to be creative. If you are not overly creative work with the event technical producer who can add a special creative aspect to the event you want to run.

  7. Conference Audio Visual
    If you want to run a conference with special AV ensure you can get local talent. For Example if you want Conference AV in Sydney or Conference AV in Melbourne then find a Technical Producer who can offer that.

  8. Budget
    Work with your Event Technical Producer on the budget. The right Technical Producers are experts on working out a budget with you and working to a budget with you. A good technical Producer will know what can give a real wow for low dollars and also how to make sure you keep everybody including venues happy.

Sodium AV
Sodium AV are your Technical Production specialists. We love working with you to plan your event and to make it special. We offer the full suite of event and conference technical management services, creative conceptualisation and audio visual solutions for your important event. We specialise in:

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  • Conference AV Sydney
  • Conference AV Melbourne
  • Associations Event Production
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